Wednesday, 20 February 2013



            My Mother and I have never had the best of relationships.  From an early age I was always seeking her approval,, which is why, in teens and early 20/30s I have struggled if people didn't like me.
  It was only in my early 40's I stopped taking new items, I had bought, around to show her. If she didn't like,, I wouldn't wear or use it.  I have now learn not to hurt myself by doing this and haven't for quite some time now.
    I have a friend who tells me,, 'You only get one Mum,,,,,you should do things with her'.   True,,, I do, but as my Daughter pointed out,, she's only got one daughter.
   Theres been several things over the last few years that has hurt/upset/dissapointed me.  Things shes either done or hasn't done.  I let them go,,I ask her to things,,I have tried my best.
  I am taking her to the theatre this saturday to see a show.  I phoned her today, (answer machine), I left a message to say about the plans,,, times and that we can eat out beforehand.  It's now 8.20pm and I have heard nothing. 
  I am now realising that I have to step back, realise this relationship is never going to get better.  I wish I had the kind of friendship I have with my Daughter with my own Mother.  I have a brilliant relationship with my girl.  Its not been hard to form either,,,we just get on.  Teens years were hard,, but then they are meant to be.  Thats what happens, its normal.
   I think I just have to accept that this is it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,even if I wish it could be more...........

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Play time!!

  I had a client in a few weeks ago who agreed to let me 'play'.  I don't get much chance for this, so it was great to be let loose!!
  I soaked off her Gelish and used Harmony Fusion acrylic to lengthen her nails and then we got out a beautiful glitter and did a glitter fade. 
Then the paints came out and we came up with this design!!! All finished with Top It Off.
3 Hours from start to finish...not bad as all hand painted.  Cant wait for our next play time!!!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First day back.............

   The alarm went off this morning!!
  Not something I've been using since finishing work for Christmas on 23rd December!  I think I snoozed it about 4 times before Igot up.  What a struggle after having such lovely lie in's!! 

Once in work,, it soon feels like you've never been away.  Luckily, a fully booked week will help it fly by.....that and the fact it's a four day week for me. 
  Been Gelishing peeps like mad and doing lash extentions, as well as waxing.
Photo: First day back and making ladies shhheexxxxyyyyyy with Gelish!!!

  Hope returning to the grindstone hasn't been too bad for you all. xxx


Photo: Ready to play!!!!

Do you like my jumper!!!!???

Took me half and hour to sew these boooottyys into it,,,but it was worth it for the reaction!! I think people had jumper jealousy!!  ::Nods Proudly::

      We had a fab christmas.  Our girl and her boyfriend came home for a few days.  They got back on the 23rd and we had our girl to ourselves for her first night home as the boyfriend went to his Parents for the night.  Christmas eve morning Hubby and Daughter go off to town, early, for brekkie and last minute shopping.  Done it for years!  Then when they come back I usually have help in the kitchen but this year she was having fun with her Dad and went to the pub with him after dropping off cards around the village.  Its great that they have fun together and something that has developed much stringer last year as Hubby went up to London on his own and spent more time with her.

   We partied Boxing day,,,,about 20 peeps came and it all went well..... think everyone had fun!!
The girl and her boy went home on the 27th,,,,,,it all went a bit flat then,,,but I did majorly chill,, which I needed.  Didn't realise just how tired I was until I stopped.

So that was my party time,,,,,How was yours??   Hope you all had fun xxxx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Glam it up,,,,but keep it real....

   We have our works do and saturday night and I have to say,, I am struggling at the thought of it.
The girls who work in the hairdressers where I room rent are planning like mad!!  The fake tans are being rubbed in,, lashes getting HUGE,,hair pieces everywhere,,looks like a pet store and the animals have escaped,,,,,and if I get asked,, what you wearing,, once more,, I'm going to SCREAM!!  I don't know what I'm wearing,,,all I know is it will be black!!
   I struggle with the prep work that can occur before nights like this,,,I have a night out for the giggles, bubbles,, a few cocktails  and fun,,, not whos going to be looking at me and paying me attention.  I'm not interested.  I've got a fab man in my life whos been there for a long time.  I don't need the attention to make me feel good....he makes me feel special..nuff said.

  It might turn out to be a good night.  Nights out that you dread can often end this way.......we will see...................

Monday, 26 November 2012

Another nail course...

Little bit of nail from yesterdays course I did.  Fab course with fab people!  I have already completed this course,, but I never liked the way I was taught.  I also felt quite deflated after it.  However, after the course yesterday I was left buzzing!!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012


  I went out last night for a surprise birthday do for a friend.  Was a mad night,,pre-dinner drinks,, curry,,,dancing in a club and then more cheesy dancing in a social club!!  I love nights like that,,, the only planned bits was the pre-dinner drinks and the curry.. the rest we made up as we went along!!  My head is a bit fuzzy today,,,,,but worth it for the giggles!!